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Victory through Harmony

           We are a dedicated team of students            who are focused on creating theatre at
Victory Lakes Intermediate.

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Upcoming Shows

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Fairytales meet hip-hop in a delightful show where The Three Little Pigs, Cinderella, Robin Hood, Snow White, Jack & The Beanstock and The Little Red Robin Hood are center stage!

Each Theatre 1 Class will get an opportunity to

perform on the VLI stage on either the 18th or the 20th.  


Before students hit the stage we need to work on their craft.  Character building, Projection, Diction, Stage movement, Theatre terminology and Ensemble building are just a few of the areas we cover before students are in costume. 

What We Do


During a Production students learn how to be quiet back stage, how to work with props, costumes, makeup and sets.  They will learn how to find their "light" and to make quiet & safe set changes.  Students will also learn how to wait for applause and laughter.


After a show is complete students will participate in "Strike" where the entire set is taken down, costumes and props are put away.  Students will also have an opportunity to reflect on the show, self critique and think about areas where they could make improvements.


Andree Newport, MFA

Theatre 1, Theatre 3  and 
Adv Theatre Production

Andree Newport is a Texas playwright, Director and Teacher. She received her MFA in directing from the University of Houston and currently teaching her 14th year in public education. She owned a school of performing arts for 16 years in Galveston, TX  where she began her writing career. She has written several musicals with Mark York including: Lost in My Wonderland, Sleeping Beauty, Heidi, Pinocchio, Toy Shoppe, Midsummer, Valuable Values, and Galveston. She has also written plays, Hansel and Gretel & Rama the King, and La Maison des Marginaux all winning awards in Texas One Act Play Contest. Her book, Clandestine Protectors is listed on Amazon. Newport lives with her husband Travis and son BP in Dickinson

Mark York

Guest Director
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Meet the Creative Team

Kathleen Hughey

Why join Theatre?

Taking theatre and being a part of live
theatrical performances not only helps
build your social and communication

skills, but also increases your confidence

in your academic abilities and boosts

your self-esteem.

What we do
Why join theatre?
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