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Awards and the Media

Victory Theatre has won many awards and trophies over the last six years.  In 2021 our performance of Antigone took first place. In the fall of 2021 we competed with a new play, La Maison des Marginaux written by one of Victory Theatre's director, Andree Newport.  We took 2nd place and many awards including best performer. This spring Victory Theatre competed in CCISD's OAP festival.  Victory Theatre performed the innovated piece, A Monster Calls.  We took 1st place in Zone A and 2nd place at District along with multiple acting awards. 

1st place trophy.jpg

Zone A Awards

Tech Award for Sound - Avery Nichols

Honorable mention all star cast:

Audrey Rytting and Ava Hinton

All Star Cast:

Carson O'Neal and Brigid Killgore

Best Performer:

Hailey Hall

individual district awards.jpg
cast of monster.jpg

Cast of A MONSTER CALLS after Zone A

District Competition Awards

Tech Award for Projections: Caden Trotti

Honorable Mention All Star Awards:

Ava Hinton and Ethan Trana

All Star Cast Awards:

Audrey Rytting and Carson O'Neal

Best Performer Award:

Hailey Hall

A Monster Calls - CCISD OAP Festival Spring 2022


La Maison des Marginaux and Antigone Awards

Award Winner.jpg

La Maison des Marginaux medal winners.

Best Performer - Mitchell Ellisor

All Star Performers - Julia Acevedo & Allie Post

Honorable All star Performer - Jordan Kirksey (Not pictured)

Best tech award - Joshua Michael

Cast with trophey.jpg

Cast of Maison des Marginaux with 2nd place trophy

Victory Theatre Advanced Production class displays their plaque from their November 6th performance at the Deer Park One Act Play Festival.


Antigone medal winners

Best Performer: Porter Sorensen

All Star Cast: Kara Presley & Taylor Horacefield

Honorable Mention All Star Cast:  Carson Stevenson & Harrison Dupont

Best Tech: Laney Ochoa

Best Overall Sound Award

 La Maison des Marginaux
Performance Photos

Antigone Performance Photos

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